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Young Moose Runs Loose in Colorado Hotel [VIDEO]

A hotel in Vail had a surprise visitor on Wednesday.

A young moose calf wandered into the lobby of the “Antlers” Hotel, and had a hard time getting out.

The frightened animal tried to find an exit, but eventually gave up and waited on the floor of the lobby.

When wildlife officers arrived, the young moose made a quick escape through the front door.

Officers quickly tranquilized the animal and removed it from the grounds.

KUSA-TV reports the young moose was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Fort Collins, because it was not with its mother. According to their report, the calf likely will not be released back into the wild, because it has already become too accustomed to humans.

Here’s some footage of the incident and more of the story:

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Young Moose Runs Loose in Colorado Hotel [VIDEO]