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A Young Hunter Protects the President in ‘Big Game’ [VIDEO]

Hunting does take a particular set of skills, but is that enough to save the President of the United States from terrorists? In the new movie ‘Big Game’ it is. 

The movie “Big Game,” which released a full trailer this week, features a young hunter as the protector of the President from terrorists.

A young Finnish boy from a hunting community is sent into the wild to get his first kill. There, he encounters the Leader of the Free World, who has ejected from Air Force One after a terrorist attack.

The young hunter, equipped with little more than a bow and arrows, must then protect the President from villains chasing him down as the ultimate “big game.”


Granted, the lawyers and career politicians that make it to the Oval Office usually have limited outdoor experience, but this movie suggests they’d be dependent on an amateur pre-teen hunter simply to survive a night in the woods.

Then again, it’s clear this movie isn’t taking itself too seriously. It is asking us to believe Samuel L. Jackson as President, after all. The film also comes from the same team that created “Rare Exports,”  a movie about a Finnish town battling a murderous version of Santa Claus.

All the same, it’s refreshing to see an unapologetically silly movie with an original plot, especially considering it paints a hunter as a hero, rather than just a murderer of cute Disney animals.

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A Young Hunter Protects the President in ‘Big Game’ [VIDEO]