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Young Girl Hits Targets with a .22 for the First Time [VIDEO]

Shooting a .22 was a rite of passage for almost all of us and it's what made us want more. Watch a young lady get her start and become a shooter for life.

We've all been there: head out to the woods, set up some cans and bottles, and load that .22 rimfire.

They were easy to shoot and it didn't cost a whole lot to use. The best part comes with the ease of shooting and, more importantly, the ease of success!

Once we started hitting those targets, we knew we'd never stop. Well here's a kid starting out on a homemade range.

Now for a walk down memory lane.

The shooting sports are not dead. Take a kid down to the range or out in the woods and set up some targets today.

Using a .22 is one of the fastest and easiest ways to teach kids to properly handle firearms and begin the process of learning gun safety. Get on that device in your pocket or -heaven forbid- open up the damn yellow pages and find a gun club near you.

They have kids programs everywhere. A proper instructor can help you to lead your child into the wonderful world of the shooting sports and beyond because guess what ya'll: they still use firearms in competition in both the summer and winter Olympics!

Dream big, parents.

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Young Girl Hits Targets with a .22 for the First Time [VIDEO]