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Young Florida Anglers Reel in Loaded Gun [VIDEO]

Fox 35 Orlando

Talk about the most dangerous catch.

Three Florida boys fishing on Labor Day were surprised to haul in a loaded and ready-to-fire handgun from the bottom of a pond.

The boys were fishing in suburban Orlando when one of them discovered a green plastic bag attached to his tackle, Fox 35 Orlando reported. Inside was a chambered handgun, the hammer cocked back, along with more than three dozen .380-caliber bullets.

Joe Corica, a security guard for the Waterford Lakes Community Association, witnessed the event while on patrol. He took the gun away from the boys and captured photographs of the firearm and ammunition. He then called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which sent a deputy to take possession of the gun and ammo.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office is looking for the gun’s owner. While the gun’s origin is still a mystery, Corsica suspects it may have been involved in a crime.

“To ditch a gun in a lake in a plastic bag, wrapped up in a wash cloth, with bullets that are loose and loaded clips. Somebody had gotten rid of it for some reason,” he said. “That’s what I believe.”

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Young Florida Anglers Reel in Loaded Gun [VIDEO]