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Young Elk Tries to Rake Sand Trap [VIDEO]

sand trap

We know elk are majestic, but apparently they are also courteous golfers as this one shows as he tries to rake the sand trap.

We are used to seeing elk in a much wilder setting, but apparently when in domestic situations they know how to adapt.

This elk is a great example, he accidentally went into the sand trap on the golf course and then proceeds to rake the sand trap, or try to at least.

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This is just another reminder of the curious minds of animals. While I’m not sure that he was actually trying to rake the sand trap, the elk was obviously trying to do something with the sand trap rake and when it didn’t work out for him he did not like it one bit.

He even threw a tantrum like a human would when he didn’t get his way.

Makes you wonder what is really going through the mind of the animal, maybe he was just really angry about being in the sand trap in the first place.

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Young Elk Tries to Rake Sand Trap [VIDEO]