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Young Cougar Found in the Center of Utah Town [VIDEO]

A young cougar was found wandering through downtown Parowan, Utah.

Officials believe this mountain lion roamed so far into Parowan, Utah because it was separated from its mother.

Wildlife officials believe the cougar is between four and five months old and weighs only 30 pounds. Many residents claim to have seen the cougar wandering through the town, with one sighting close to an elementary school.

Officials used ropes to pull the cougar down out of the tree. They stated that the traditional tranquilizer wouldn’t work due to the wind in the area.

Once it was out of the tree, the cougar was tranquilized. It was then photographed, tagged with a collar, and relocated. Officials hope to keep track of the young cougar to see if it is able to survive in the wild.

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Young Cougar Found in the Center of Utah Town [VIDEO]