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Young Buck is Fed Up with Car Collisions, Antlers SUV [VIDEO]

Deer are sick and tired of collisions with vehicles. This young buck takes the fight to SUVs.

These folks are amazed at the curious behavior of this young buck, until he shows his true colors. This deer is taking out whatever frustrations he has on this poor SUV. He doesn’t really have the headgear to do much damage, but hopefully this behavior won’t catch on amongst bigger deer.

Buck antlers can cause some serious paint damage. These folks cannot get over the novelty of this deer’s motives and don’t pay attention to him gouging the tires and scratching the paint.

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Maybe the young buck was sick or “just a different kind of cray cray.” But the driver seems a bit fed up when he tells the ladies if the young buck keeps at it then they are taking him home.

For some venison burgers.

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Young Buck is Fed Up with Car Collisions, Antlers SUV [VIDEO]