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Young Boys Survive 20 Hours in the Kentucky Wilderness [VIDEO]

boys survive in the Kentucky wilderness

After getting lost while camping, two young boys survive in the Kentucky wilderness. Find out what they did to make it home.

A five-year-old and seven-year-old boy spent 20 hours lost and wandering around in the cliff-filled region of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

When the two cousins wandered away from their family campsite while the dad was busy putting up the tent, they couldn’t manage to find their way back. It was, of course, near nightfall and when the family couldn’t find them in time, the boys were forced to spend the dark and rainy night out on their own.

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Luckily the boys appear to have had some survival or at least wilderness training; they chose to eat sticks rather than berries because they knew some of them could be poisonous.

After being asked, “Did you stay away from the cliff edge?” one of the boys responded, “No, once we were just standing right on it.”

Boys will be boys. Luckily, this was a story with a happy ending.

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Young Boys Survive 20 Hours in the Kentucky Wilderness [VIDEO]