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Young Boy Reels in Tarpon Bigger Than He Is [VIDEO]

Check out this young angler skillfully reeling in a tarpon bigger than him!

It's not every day that an angler manages to reel in a fish that is bigger than they are. However, it does help when the angler in question is only six years old. You wouldn't guess this young angler's age by listening to him though. He sounds like a seasoned veteran angler and his technique is solid.

The tarpon in the video makes several jumps that the species is famous for, but the young boy never panics. It isn't long before he brings the tarpon alongside the boat and you really get a chance to see just how big it is.

After a catch like that one, I think it is safe to say that this young angler will be hooked on the sport for life.

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Young Boy Reels in Tarpon Bigger Than He Is [VIDEO]