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Young Boy Downs His Deer with Contagious Excitement [VIDEO]

real deer down excitement

Everyone feels something when you know you have a deer down, but if you want to see some real ‘deer down’ excitement, check out this kid.

Most of the time, hunters pretty much keep their emotions inside, but not this boy. If you want to see some real ‘deer down’ excitement, check out this video of Jansen after he shot his first deer.

There are a lot of feelings that go through a hunter’s mind just after they pull the trigger. They may worry if it was a clean shot, or if it was enough to make the deer fall. They may feel slight sadness out of respect for the fallen animal, but inside every one of them, there is excitement.

That’s why we do it. Yeah, we love the chase, but when the deer goes down, it validates all of our time and effort. Plus, it means we have fresh meat for supper.

This kind of reaction from this young boy has to lift your spirits. Many times hunters get caught up in killing a trophy buck or tagging out, and forget what the hunt is really all about. This is what our reactions should look like after every successful hunt.

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Young Boy Downs His Deer with Contagious Excitement [VIDEO]