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Young Angler Shows How Productive Sewer Fishing Actually Is

YouTube/The Fish Whisperer

Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to get out to the lake. That's where sewer fishing comes in handy.

How many times have you sat there wishing that you had just enough time to run out to the lake, jump in the boat and go bass fishing, even just for one cast? Sadly, we don't always have enough time to go fishing everyday. I know, it's ridiculous.

Watch what this young angler hooks at his favorite local sewer fishing spot!

Pretty sure that cures the fishing blues when going out to the lake just isn't in the cards. Nice work!

This video clip is another great reminder that great bass fishing exists in some of the strangest places. If you're a diehard angler, than chances are that your fishing pole and tackle box are always within an arms reach and scouting for a new secrete spot is like second nature.

Unfortunately, carrying a fishing pole everywhere you go just isn't always an option. In order to always be ready to throw a lure at a new fishing spot that you may have stumbled upon, check out the Flip Reel by Squiddies. This hand fishing reel is perfect to keep in the trunk or backpack for testing out a new spot. The Flip Reel is super easy to operate and allows you to always be ready for an impromptu fishing adventure!


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Young Angler Shows How Productive Sewer Fishing Actually Is