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Young Angler Saves Drowning Boater in Tennessee [VIDEO]

A fisherman springs into action to save a fellow boater. The result is amazing.

There is an unspoken camaraderie between boaters on the water. This young Tennessee man saves a fellow boater from drowning without thinking twice.

Check out this exclusive footage of a fisherman saving a drowning boater.

Daniel Baldwin is the man who saved the fellow boater and here’s what he had to say;

“Guys, there will never be a feeling for me quite like this moment.I was fishing at the highway 25E boat ramp at Norris Lake in Tazewell, TN, when the next thing I knew, another angler fell in the water. I, (Daniel Baldwin, owner of Fishing With Leinad), immediately sprung into action to save this man.I did not know this man, but you can believe I know him now. I was his angel today, but this is a testament as to why it is important to always be careful and wear a life jacket out on the water. Because I may not be there next time to help. Also, it is important to learn how to swim, as this man did not know how. No matter what, I am truly thankful, and both of us are extremely blessed to have been able to both survive, as I took on the risk of also drowning to save a total stranger’s life. Thanks for watching, and God bless us all and be safe out on the water.”

Daniel makes some great points, and we would like to congratulate him for doing the right thing.

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Young Angler Saves Drowning Boater in Tennessee [VIDEO]