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You’ll Want to Go Pike Spearing After Seeing This

pike spearing

Pike spearing brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘fun.’

While ice fishing from a dark house can be anaddicting hobby in the winter, taping your encounters with an underwater camera is probably even more addicting.

You’re going to love this pike spearing video, which shows POV shots from above and below the ice. Check it out.

Looks pretty fun, huh? There’s nothing like a northern pike coming in hot to slam your homemade fish decoy. However, it can be pretty difficult to close the deal when the camera mounted on your spear makes it veer off-course. Fortunately, the two anglers removed the camera before this 37-inch pike came in to investigate.

If you’ve never sat in a spearing shed, it’s a pretty magical thing. You can see everything below the ice like a gleaming television screen, and when a big fish appears below you, your heart starts racing like crazy as you work feverishly to hit your target. It’s really a mix of ice fishing and hunting in that regard.

Generally, pike spearing involves the use of a windowless fish house. You want it to be dark inside so you can see underwater better. Most anglers use a 7- to 10-inch fish decoy, and give it a slight jerk upwards as you saw in the video. This produces a short jolt of activity from the decoy, drawing in hungry ambush predators like pike. Try to set up on weed flat drop-offs or off the edges of points. When a fish appears, aim your spear right behind the head. And whatever you do, remember to tie your spear off before you send it rocketing to the depths!

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You’ll Want to Go Pike Spearing After Seeing This