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Tourists React to a Charging Black Rhino in Most Cringeworthy Way

You'll Smack Your Head When You See These Tourists React To A Charging Black Rhino

Trust me when I say that this is not how you should react to a charging black rhino!

These tourists visiting South Africa's Kruger Park got to see a charging black rhino up close in an unfortunate (and nearly tragic) turn of events. Learn a lesson from their experience and take this as a lesson on what not to do.

Watch the video to see just how close that rhino came to ruining their day.

"Oh there is a charging black rhino coming right at me? Well, I'll just continue to take photos of it as it gets closer and closer!"

That is not an approved method of dealing with a rhino charge. They were lucky that rhino was just doing a bluff charge. Otherwise, that could have been a very nasty situation. Black rhino are notoriously grumpy animals, so it is always best to give them a wide berth if you encounter one in the wild.

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Tourists React to a Charging Black Rhino in Most Cringeworthy Way