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You'll Never Guess Which State is Bringing Shotguns and AR-15s to School

guns in school

A middle and high school campus is about to have AR-15s and shotguns in a gun safe for police officers to access. Can you guess the state?

Guns... a very touchy subject these days. This news is about to make it a whole lot touchier.

In New Mexico, Los Alamos public schools have decided to store AR-15s and shotguns in gun safes on their middle and high school campuses.

Their intention is to give officers instant access to weapons in case there is a shooter on school premises. As you can imagine in this day and age, parents in the district are having mixed reactions.

An AR-15 on a school campus? It sounds crazy, but the new policy is gaining attention across the country from school to school, and it could be a great idea.

The school board has already approved the safes, and they will be placed in the schools soon. During a school shooting, officers will have a quicker alternative to running to the squad car for a weapon. A lot of tragedy can happen in that two-minute time frame.

The safes will be placed in unknown locations on campuses, and only the assigned officers will be given access.

School shootings are tragic, and steps like these can hopefully reduce the number of future shootings, or at least minimize the losses if they do occur.

Would you want AR-15s and shotguns placed in your local schools?

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You'll Never Guess Which State is Bringing Shotguns and AR-15s to School