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You’ll Never Guess What Happens After This 10-Yard Shot on a Cape Buffalo in South Africa [VIDEO]

You'll Never Guess What Happens After This 10 Yard Shot On A Cape Buffalo In South Africa

Cape buffalo hunts are often up close and personal, which can make them very intense affairs. Watch what happens after this 10-yard shot on a Cape Buffalo.

Because they often inhabit very thickly vegetated terrain, close range shots on Cape buffalo are more the rule than the exception, especially in South Africa. This makes shot placement easier (in theory anyway). However, it also makes for an extremely intense and sometimes dangerous experience.

In addition to being very large and tough animals, Cape buffalo also have a well-deserved reputation for being very aggressive, especially when wounded. Obviously, this can make for a very exciting and nerve-wracking experience if a close range shot results in a poorly hit buffalo that decides to charge.

Things don’t always go as planned in the bush and you never know what will happen on a hunt. Watch what happens after this hunter in South Africa takes a 10-yard shot on a Cape buffalo. I guarantee you won’t see it coming!

Just FYI: there is some foul language in this video.

The hunter made a good initial shot right on the buffalo’s shoulder, punching both lungs and the heart. As big and tough as they are, no buffalo will run far after being hit like that.

However, as luck would have it, the buffalo happened to be standing right on the edge of a washout when he was shot. Disoriented after being hit hard in the chest by a 300 grain bullet from a .375 H&H, the buffalo fell down into the washout and got stuck on his back.

As you could see, this made the follow-up very simple. Unfortunately, that made the recovery extremely difficult. It took over three hours of digging and pulling, but they finally managed to remove buffalo (which weighed nearly 1,800 pounds) from the hole.

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You’ll Never Guess What Happens After This 10-Yard Shot on a Cape Buffalo in South Africa [VIDEO]