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You'll Never Guess This Expert's Reason for the Increase in Shark Attacks [VIDEO]

Been watching the news lately? Shark attacks, left (coast) and right (coast)! Limbs lost, lives shattered. But why?

Shark expert Dr. Reese Halter shares the likely cause for the major increase in shark attacks this year, and you'll never guess the reason.

Watch and find out!

So, they're hungry, is that it? So simple, yet so complex...

With the increase in shark attacks, swimmers and anglers are in need of some survival tips. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can avoid being shark dinner. In an interview with WBALTV, Holly Bourbon, curator of fishes and dive safety officer with the National Aquarium in Baltimore, shares some important tips:

  1. Always swim in groups as large as possible because sharks can only focus on one person at a time and they tend to get confused.
  2. Watch out when you swim as sharks usually hunt for prey at dusk or dawn
  3. Watch out where you swim, as sharks tend to look for food in places near fishing piers and drop-offs.
  4. No jewelry! Sharks can mistake jewelry with the scale of a fish, so leave the bling behind.
  5. Don't swim with open wounds because sharks can smell blood.

Still, according to Bourbon, it's the sharks' home, and "we have to share it and people have to understand that."

What are your thoughts?

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You'll Never Guess This Expert's Reason for the Increase in Shark Attacks [VIDEO]