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You’ll Never Believe What Pops out of This Cockle Shell [VIDEO]

This octopus proves that not every shell you find on the beach is as empty as you think.

The octopus does not have any bones or cartilage. This makes it possible for the eight-legged creature to get into and through some really tight spaces. It also helps the octopus while hiding from predators and as camouflage while hunting.

Take the octopus in this video for example. It has managed to cram itself into a shell that looks to be a tight fit. It most likely enjoyed a tasty meal of the shell’s last occupant and then decided to digest in peace. That is until some curious beach goers discover the shell and find its hidden surprise.

After some gently prying, and a tug of war with the hidden sea creature, the octopus suddenly leaps out of the shell.

It is fair to say that an octopus trying to walk on its tentacles is a pretty creepy site. The guy filming had to agree, especially once his buddy tossed the animal at him.

Just admit it…you’d run too!

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You’ll Never Believe What Pops out of This Cockle Shell [VIDEO]