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You’ll Love This View from the Bottom of the Lake

The bottom of the lake
Image via Screenshot

Most of the time if something ends up in the bottom of the lake it’s a bad thing, but this camera view gives an interesting perspective that you’ll love. 

If you’ve ever been at the bottom of a lake, unless you’re snorkeling or diving, chances are good that you’re not there on purpose. Unless you are Robert Sitler, who decided to toss his camera into the lake to see what the view would be and the results are actually quite amazing.

It’s quite relaxing isn’t it? After you get over the idea that something exciting is going to happen or something is going to jump out, you can really relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake in it’s natural form.

It’s a different way than we usually look at the lake but one that I think we can all enjoy.

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You’ll Love This View from the Bottom of the Lake