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How Many of These Things Have You Heard Hunting Wives Say?

Heads up, fellas, because this hunting wife has all the questions and all the answers. Have you heard any of these (or maybe said them yourself)?

Ladies, take note, because some of you may find these come in handy.

Here’s a fun video from the awesomely funny Whoa Susannah Facebook page, made with all of us hunting men in mind, answering questions like “So, whadja kill today, besides time?” and “Can you make Manwich with venison?”

Put on your Kevlar boys because this lady tells it like it is. Better duck, because some slings and arrows are coming our way, men… is this why we got married?

Between “You don’t need another camera, you’ve got more surveillance in those woods than at a Walmart!” to “So what exactly does brushing a blind entail?” I almost died laughing!

You can’t fake the look in her eyes and the attitude on her tongue; this lady has been around a hunter for a while! She thought of just about everything, and if you say you haven’t heard any of these before, you haven’t been married, boy.

(Well I may not be married, but I genuflect in Susannah’s general direction just the same).


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How Many of These Things Have You Heard Hunting Wives Say?