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Place Your Bets on What This Guy Excavates from the Mud

An excavator operator makes the save of the year when he pulled a fawn out of the mud with his machine!

Somewhere in the annals of great saves there will be a plaque on the wall with a picture of an excavator operator next to the little deer that he saved.

Watch what happens when humanity takes over and cares for the little things in the world. This is amazing!

Thanks to the Awesome Earthmovers Facebook page for sharing this delightful and heartwarming deer save!

Now there’s a testament to skill and patience with a side order of humanity thrown in for good measure! I’ve been around machine operators like this for most of my life and I’ve know but one or two that could pull this off. I think this guy could blow his nose and wipe it with a Kleenex using that shovel!

If you ever find yourself stuck in the mud make a call to this fellow. Cheers to you for the great deer save mister!



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Place Your Bets on What This Guy Excavates from the Mud