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You Need to See This Buffalo Fight 10 Lions at Once

You Need To See This Buffalo Fight 10 Lions At Once

These tourists in Tanzania were treated to the incredible sight of watching a group of 10 lions gang up on this Cape buffalo and try to bring it down.

The lion may be the King of the Jungle, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy for them to catch and kill dinner. Cape buffalo are incredibly resilient and this cow was no exception. Even when 10 lions ganged up on her, she refused to give up and continued to fight and resist all the way to the bitter end.

Watch the video to see this incredible life or death struggle play out.

Unfortunately for this buffalo, the valiant struggle was all for naught. While she fought hard, it was only a matter of time before those lions brought the buffalo down and killed her. If some of the other buffalo would have hung around and helped fight off the lions she might have had a chance.

The way things played out though, even the buffalo’s incredible toughness and unwillingness to die wasn’t enough to save her from becoming dinner.

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You Need to See This Buffalo Fight 10 Lions at Once