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You NEED to Check Out the New Savage MSR Teaser Video

You NEED To Check Out The New Savage MSR Teaser Video

This cool teaser video for the new Savage MSR is making its way around the internet today. Check it out: this video is pretty darn awesome. 

With the tagline “Better Comes Standard,” this video promoting the new Savage MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) gives us a brief peek at the features on from Savage’s entry into the AR-15 market. Better pay attention, though: the video is only 15 seconds long!

Watch the video to for a glimpse at the new Savage MSR.

All in all, the Savage MSR looks like a really slick, modern rifle. Details are really short right now: maybe it’s piston driven, maybe it’s direct impingement, or maybe it’s something really incredible that we’ve never even heard of before (probably not the last one).

That is a side charging handle on the rifle though, but there’s no word on whether it’s non-reciprocating yet. 

Looks like Savage will formally roll out the new rifle in January 2017, so we won’t have long to wait to learn more details about the new rifle.

Stay tuned to learn more as information becomes available!

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You NEED to Check Out the New Savage MSR Teaser Video