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You Need Realtree’s New Rack Scoring Tool for Your Weekend Hunt


Realtree developed an antler scoring tool to help you keep track of your kills and compare with your buddies. 

The handy step-by-step Antler Calculator sheet makes scoring your kills incredibly easy. By uploading them online, you can share directly to social media via Facebook with their automated image. You can also upload your own image of the whitetail in question, and will receive the superimposed score directly on top of it.

It asks you to measure the inside spread, length of abnormal points, length of main beam, length of points, and include the mass measurements for an accurate score.

Each of the steps come with a brief description to be sure that you measure correctly, as you can see below. This is the printable version, and to access it for your own use, it can be found here.


This way, you and your buddies won’t ever have to argue without fact again on who nailed the largest rack that weekend. Using the social media share, you can always show off your harvests to your family, like Uncle Phil who couldn’t make it out to the cabin that weekend.

Let’s face it, you probably nailed that monster because he wasn’t there to nail it first, right?

We’d love to hear about your kills from this weekend, and let us know how this score sheet worked out for you. We know we’ll be taking a printable one into the field with us.

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You Need Realtree’s New Rack Scoring Tool for Your Weekend Hunt