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This is the Best Bluegill Recipe You'll See This Spring

Great bluegill recipes are hard to come by so you better save this one. 

Babe and Kris Winkelman are icons in the outdoors industry. For years, we have watched Babe catch fish and take down trophy animals all over the country, while at the same time enjoying some of Kris' chef quality recipes. Speaking of the latter, this just might be one of her best baked bluegill recipes that has ever been featured on the show.

The bluegill season is fast approaching. If you are like most pan fishermen around the country, this recipe just might become a new household favorite, sort of like this bacon crappie recipe did.

So what do you think? Pretty awesome right? I'm a sucker for Italian recipes, but especially a sucker for bluegill recipes that have an Italian zing.

Even though this recipe features bluegill, just about any freshwater fish would work. I could see this tasting great for trout just as easy as it would for walleye or crappie.

Bluegill are going to be spawning very soon all over the country. Those big bulls are going to be offering up some tasty slabs in short order so you might want to keep this recipe handy if you find yourself sitting on a honey hole.



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This is the Best Bluegill Recipe You'll See This Spring