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You Have Never Seen This Many Snow Geese

snow geese

Like something straight out of a waterfowler’s dream, this video of thousands of snow geese dropping in will blow your mind.

Ask any waterfowler what their favorite thing is, and they are sure to tell you that it is “being under committed birds.” But how about thousands of committed snow geese?

Whether you hunt snow geese or not, you can appreciate the substantial number of snows locked up in this video, and the beauty as they circle and work the spread until they float down right in these guys laps is incredible.

Most of the hunt is so much more than the kill. And these guys taking in the majestic moment instead of unloading  steel shot and ringing shots over the water shows just that.

Here’s the video: 

If you have ever been close to a large group of snows, you know the enormous echo of their calls. The power of the sound is hard to explain without experiencing it in person.

With that many birds that close, the noise would be astonishing. Nature has some pretty cool moments, but this would be one for the books.

Is this what heaven looks like? Ask a waterfowler… they would say ‘no doubt about it.”

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You Have Never Seen This Many Snow Geese