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You Gotta See Tenkara Mouse Fishing for Trout

Here's proof there isn't much you can't do with a tenkara rod. 

Tenkara has it's obvious limitations when it comes to fly fishing. From the original design in Japan several hundreds years ago to where it is now, it has definitely come a long way. This style of fishing definitely has its following of loyal fans. It also has its fair share of haters. However, the following video might persuade a few of those who think it's limited. As you are about to see, tenkara mouse fishing is a real thing.

Sure, you can't cast that far. It just all comes down to making the most out of what you can do!

Be honest, do you really think tenkara mouse fishing could happen? I have a tenkara rod and hearing those guys try to figure out how to land a fish on one is pretty funny. It's the same thought every tenkara fisherman thinks when they hook a fish. Landing it is where the real skill comes into play.

Tenkara just isn't for everyone. However for some, it really is everything when it comes to fly fishing. If you haven't tried it out yet yourself, you might really like it.

Who knows? Maybe tenkara muskie fishing is next.


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You Gotta See Tenkara Mouse Fishing for Trout