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You Gag, You Lose: Raccookin' a Disgusting Christmas Fruitcake

Raccookin' is back and, this time they're cooking for the holidays! Check the trash cans for ingredients to make this disgusting Christmas fruitcake.

Join Raccookin' this holiday season and make yourself a truly horrible Christmas fruitcake! Check your neighborhood trash cans to find all of the stale, moldy and half-eaten ingredients to whip up this festive traditional holiday delight.

But first, be sure to check out these other awful-tasting recipes from previous episodes of Raccookin'.

Now here's the how-to for making Filthy Fruitcake Surprise:

I'll bet you thought that fruitcake was just something you gave away at Christmas to people you don't really like. Well shoot, why not really reinforce that joyful thought and give them a gift that is sure to disgust them?

This recipe for Filthy Fruitcake Surprise looks super easy. I mean, you don't even really have to follow the directions and there are no actual quantities. Just toss into the bowl pretty much whatever you can scavenge.

"This is all about color and texture," says our raccoon host. "Oh, and throw in some antacids for later." You'll need them.

And finally, bake it at 350 degrees for three hours, or "until you notice the distinct aroma of burnt hair."

Mmm....yummy! Be sure to get your "friends" to try it!

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You Gag, You Lose: Raccookin' a Disgusting Christmas Fruitcake