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You Can Rent This Island for a Mere $60,000 a Week

Images via CNN

Ariara is an island in the Philippines that you can rent for a week, costing you between $30,000 and $60,000. 

Feeling like you need a vacation that really feels like home? Ariara is an 125-acre island in the Phillippines owned by British couple Charlie and Carrie McCulloch, who bought the island and decided that just having a lodge isn’t enough.

They’ve been in business of renting their island for the past four years.

Instead of just a beach getaway, guests can basically customize their trip by choosing what activities to partake in, what food to eat (freshly-caught fish every day, maybe by you!), and even where to stay (either a jungle cabana or a waterfront beach cottage).


Remember, you have an entire island to yourself and your friends for a week with 30 employees ready to take you on whatever adventures you can think up.

The McCullochs say the island is only booked about one-third of the time but it is still a profitable business.

Their guests come from all over the world and essentially pay $500 a night for a week’s stay depending on how many guests, not including alcohol or fuel for the 12 boats at the island.


Ariara is pristine and a change for tourists visiting other, more crowded islands in the Philippines.

“It needs to stay in my mind, exactly the same concept,” Charlie says. “Which is untouched, unspoiled.”

Images via CNN



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You Can Rent This Island for a Mere $60,000 a Week