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YETI Tumbler vs. Walmart’s Ozark Trail Tumbler

Photo by: Capt. Jesse Males

Okay, Yeti fans, don’t freak out on me over this one.

First off, I will readily admit to being the proud owner of a YETI tumbler. I have used the cup for coffee, ice water, and certainly a few ice cold brews. I even have a custom handle for it, but that is besides the point.

My morale and excitement over whole heartedly believing that my silver tumbler was indeed some highly technical, outdoorsman’s chalice has never wavered….UNTIL NOW!

This video seems to be a product of good honest news reporting, or is it?

If you are a YETI fan like me, you will be shaking your head at the end of the video thinking something must be wrong here!

Supposedly the 24-hour smackdown between the $40.00 YETI and Walmart’s $10.00 Ozark Trail showed little to no difference between the two. If we were looking at a 5 or 10 dollar price difference then perhaps I could see that the mark-up in price being all about the YETI brand name. However, $30.00 for the YETI over the the Ozark Trail; from the evidence, I don’t see how can be justified.

Bottom line is this…save money on the cup, and put it into your fishing lures and hunting supplies for this coming season. BOOM! Problem solved!



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YETI Tumbler vs. Walmart’s Ozark Trail Tumbler