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YETI Stories From the Wild is All About Adventure

YETI Stories From the Wild is a mash-up of their adventure features from around the world.

YETI's latest video release, Stories from the Wild, proves why they are leaders in the outdoors industry. From supporting and promoting veterans' programs to featuring family businesses with a long history and lineage in the outdoors, the folks at YETI practice what they preach.

This was really just a quick overview of some of their great stories of struggle, perseverance, patriotism and family. I encourage you to have a look at their stories in greater detail and a good starting point is their promotion of Combat Veterans returning to the U.S. with Heroes and Horses. This is a program that really grabbed my attention and motivated me to do more towards helping out. They also feature great adventurers, doing their thing, both men and women. Be it bull riding, fly fishing or elk hunting; YETI demonstrates they are a company that gives back and is invested in their fellow citizens.

Be sure to check out their line-up of rugged coolers, it will be the last ice chest you will ever need.

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YETI Stories From the Wild is All About Adventure