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YETI Honors Heroes and Horses, a Combat Veteran Program

YETI honors Heroes and Horses, a veteran program that puts combat veterans in the wilderness working with horses.

Watch this to learn about a great horsemanship camp in this video where YETI honors veteran's program that helps reintegrate combat veterans back into the civilian world.

Heroes and Horses is a non-profit organization founded by retired Navy SEAL Micha Fink. It gives combat veterans the opportunity to work with horses on the ranch and in the backcountry in order to smoothly reintegrate them back into society.

There is another great program that gives back to those who have served. Consider a donation or volunteering for a program that helps veterans. It can be a challenging road back for them as they may bear visible or non-visible injuries through some pretty trying experiences.

Helping a veteran is not about a hand-out, it is about taking care of men and women who put everything on the line for the basic freedoms we enjoy today in the U.S. and Canada.

Organizations such as this program and others, like the Wounded Warrior Project, have activities that any citizen can support, check them out in your area.

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YETI Honors Heroes and Horses, a Combat Veteran Program