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Yes, You Can Snag a Brown Trout with Bare Hands

Throughout history, humans have tried to catch fish any way they could, including with their bare hands.

But can the modern angler snag a brown trout with bare hands if they had to?

Warning: This video contains some foul language.

As you can see, yes, you can snag a brown trout with your bare hands.

Brown trout are known as opportunistic feeders. They’ll eat anytime food is around. But there didn’t seem to be much going on with the fish in the video.

Matt Canter of Brookings’ Anglers in Cashiers, N.C., creeps up behind the trout, reaches into the water and grabs it by the tail as slick as can be.

Brookings’ is the “source in Western North Carolina for all things fishing.” The company offers everything from gear to guided trips on local rivers, but we’re guessing the trips don’t usually involve bare-handed fishing.



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Yes, You Can Snag a Brown Trout with Bare Hands