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Yes, You Can Make Venison Taco Salad at Your Campsite

A venison taco salad while camping? Sign us up! 

The guys at Hushin sure know how to do camping right. On a recent shed hunting trip to Southern Utah, they put together a video showing how to eat like healthy kings while still enjoying the great outdoors. As you are about to see, a venison taco salad recipe is going to unfold right before your eyes that you can make right from your campsite.

To get this recipe started, all you need is a camping grill and a few key ingredients, not to mention the venison, and you are in business.

Not bad…not bad at all. I think that is a meal we all could get down on even if we aren’t big fans of lettuce.

The next time you head to the great outdoors, just make sure you bring a cooler full of fresh asparagus, sweet potatoes, peppers, cilantro, lettuce, and whatever else you love in a salad. Just make sure you save room for the camp grill, and a meal like this would be pretty easy to make.

As you just heard, you don’t need to eat garbage when you are camping. Besides, if you are lucky, there might even be some leftovers.



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Yes, You Can Make Venison Taco Salad at Your Campsite