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Yes, You Can Conceal That Much Ammo


Conspiracy theorists have latched themselves to the idea that the Orlando Shooting was impossible because the shooter couldn't carry enough ammo, this video shows otherwise.

In the wake of the nearly any highly publicized shooting, there will always be a few people who pick apart the events with conspiracy theories about the possibility of such a tragedy being authentic.

In the case of the recent mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, there has been some skepticism that someone would be able to carry that much ammunition and weaponry on their person through the doors of the club without looking suspicious.

Well, one particular man chose to take it upon himself to demonstrate the possibility of concealing several weapons and a cache of ammo on his person in this Facebook video:

Obviously it can be done, and there's no hoax. Given that the nature of the added weight would make it difficult for the shooter to keep his pants up, it's still possible. In light of talks about banning guns from being sold or banning Muslims from entering the country, it seems like there's room for some middle ground. Something as simple as having a security detail doing frisks and pat downs at the front door of the night club in view of a uniformed police officer likely could have stopped this event from happening in the first place.


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Yes, You Can Conceal That Much Ammo