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The Ripsaw EV2 Tank Eats Sand, and Everything Else [VIDEO]


The Ripsaw EV2 officially conquered every surface they could throw at it.

The Ripsaw platform was originally designed as an all-terrain, super-fast tank for the military. Regular tanks are beasts, but they are slow, noisy, and bulky. They are very restricted as to where they can go.

Howe and Howe Tech really delivered with the Ripsaw EV2. It's fast, powerful, and you can drive it just about anywhere. They released numerous videos of it performing on everything from snow to mud, and even ice.

As impressed as everyone was with it, people began to wonder how it would perform in a desert setting. Challenge accepted.

Howe and Howe set the Ripsaw EV2 loose in the desert to do what it does best.

In case you wondered whether you can purchase one of these amazing machines, you can. For a few hundred thousand dollars!

Howe and Howe took the Ripsaw platform and redesigned it into the EV2. They released it for public use, in limited runs, to the high-end luxury market.

Base models include a power winch, gull-wing doors, 12 inches of suspension travel, and a 600 horsepower diesel engine. You can add other options for the right price.

Every EV2 is built by hand and takes roughly six months to assemble.

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The Ripsaw EV2 Tank Eats Sand, and Everything Else [VIDEO]