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Why Yes, They Do Catch Giant Catfish in France [VIDEO]

This is how you catch a monster catfish on a dam spillway.

People are catching huge catfish on a big white plug? Well, that’s interesting.

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This guy found a spot you won’t believe. Watch that rod double over and then see what comes out of the water at the end.


Not being an ichthyologist, it’s hard to tell what species of catfish this is. If it’s a wels catfish, it was probably introduced into this ecosystem. They generally come from central, southern, and eastern Europe. After having been introduced to western Europe, they are now found from the UK all the way to southern Greece.

Fishing around dams and spillways is always one of the best ways to target any catfish. Many times the fisherman will stand in the shallow water below the spillway using live bait; perhaps the reason for the waders on this man.

Remember, safety is key. Veteran anglers know the danger of falling into the water wearing chest waders. A pair of waders filled with water can be nearly impossible to escape, making the danger of drowning imminent.

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Why Yes, They Do Catch Giant Catfish in France [VIDEO]