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Yes, Believe It: There is One Suppressor that Fits All These Guns

Imagine a suppressor that can go from your Glock pistol to your AR-15 rifle in minutes with no specialty tools: your wait is soon over.

This suppressor being released for sale from Griffin Armament is revolutionary. This one suppressor will allow you to attach it from a .22 LR gun all the way up to .300 Win Mag with a few easy steps. Currently being produced, it is shipping to dealers in the coming weeks and will soon be ready for sale.

Have a look as the Military Arms Channel gives us a sneak look at this mind blowing innovation, imagine one suppressor ready to fit a wide array of guns.

There it is, soon to be available, one suppressor for many guns that will drastically reduce your signature and noise, excellent efficiencies gained in one purchase, which is attractive to any shooting pro.

I have seen many "cans" during my service but I have never seen one that can quickly go from a 9mm pistol to a long gun in a matter of minutes and in a few easy steps. Mark my words, this is a game changer for police and military applications, not too mention the serious shooting enthusiast.


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Yes, Believe It: There is One Suppressor that Fits All These Guns