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This Little Boy Hooked a 12-Foot Great White Shark Instead of a Striped Bass

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

This 12-foot great white shark gave this family the ride of a lifetime!

Blake White and his family were fishing for striped bass in Cape Cod Bay when they hooked into a fish of a lifetime. 6-year-old Blake quickly realized the fish was something special. After an hour of fighting what they thought was a monster striper, the great white shark finally made an appearance by the side of the boat. Blake's father, Lars White, stated that the fish had not actually bit the hook, but swam into the line by accident.

As the massive shark surface nearby, Lars ordered Blake and his 8-year-old brother Pierce to huddle with the rest of the family in the center of the boat.

"We are going to need a bigger boat," said Lars White.

Click here to view the interview with Lars White by the Cape Cod Times.

great white shark
Phot by Niccole White

After snapping a few photos of Blake's monster catch, they decided to cut the line and allow the shark to swim free.

White sent some of those photos to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. The conservancy is a non-profit organization that does quality research on the great white sharks that live in the waters in Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. Great white sharks are frequently spotted in the Cape Cod area, but are usually seen along the beaches near the Outer Cape on the Atlantic Ocean side.

Despite the large number of great whites that use the Outer Cape there have been no additional reports of any other anglers hooking into great whites that far into the bay area.

According to the experts at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Cape Cod has developed into an aggregation site for great white sharks. This gives scientists a great chance to study these animals up close.

"For the first time, modern scientists have predictable access to white sharks in the North Atlantic and the ability to study their life history and ecology over multiple spatial and temporal scales, " states shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal.

I am sure that the discovery of a shark that deep into the bay will be a piece of valuable information to Dr. Skomal and his crew.


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This Little Boy Hooked a 12-Foot Great White Shark Instead of a Striped Bass