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Yellowstone National Park Has Become a Zoo, Quite Literally

Yellowstone National Park isn't as wild a place as you may think, which is kind of sad.

When one thinks of Yellowstone National Park, thoughts of rustic hills and valleys, majestic nature roaming free, and peace and tranquility often come to mind. A place to escape. A land to get lost in. But that is not necessarily the case, especially when it is peak tourist time - which is the summer season.

The park, which covers almost 3,500-sq. miles of rugged wilderness, lies mostly in Wyoming, but also overlaps into Montana and Idaho. It is also home to the most famous of gushing geysers, Old Faithful.

This eye-opening video, shot by Carolyn Golba, shows Yellowstone National Park in a different light. Long lineups of vehicles, crowded roads and shoulders, and hundreds of people, all hoping to catch a glimpse of a 'wild' grizzly bear.

I have witnessed similar scenes in Algonquin Provincial Park, located in Ontario, Canada, but nothing to this extreme. Is this what our National Parks have become?

What are your thoughts? Should there be restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed in? Higher fees to keep crowds down? Or has this become the norm when it comes to witnessing wildlife in its natural space?

It really makes one wonder what the future holds.

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Yellowstone National Park Has Become a Zoo, Quite Literally