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Yellowstone Geysers App Now Available


The Yellowstone geysers app, offering loads of information about geyser activity, is now available for download.  

The geyser app is free to download and allows users to look up information regarding Old Faithful and five other predictable geysers in Yellowstone National Park.

Officially called the “NPS geysers app,” this new application provides information about Yellowstone’s active geysers, including photos and predicted eruption times.

The geyser app also contains a link to a webcam that shows views of Old Faithful and other nearby geysers. In addition, there is a FAQ element in the app that offers answers to frequently asked questions regarding geysers. Since all eruptions are not created equal, the geyser app also includes a gallery of eruption photos.

The NPS geysers app was developed by Dr. Brett Oppegaard, Washington State University (Vancouver), the University of Hawaii, the National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park, and Harpers Ferry Center. A donation from Canon USA Inc., through the Yellowstone Park Foundation, also helped to make the development of the app possible.

The app is now available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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Yellowstone Geysers App Now Available