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Baby Bunny to Yellow Lab - 'Are YOU My Mother?'

A yellow lab appears to make friends with a little baby bunny in this video of two unlikely companions.

We've seen it before, where friends are made between species of animals that make you go "Huh?". This time, it's between a big ol' yellow labrador retriever and a newborn bunny.

Granted, the bunny is too young to really know what's going on here, but you can't help but wonder about the dog. She seems more curious and mothering than anything else. As the little bunny hops around her she appears to be interested, but gentle.

It's adorable, there's no doubt about that. Meg - the dog's name - treats the baby just how you would hope she would. But what should you do if you do find a baby bunny in your yard?

It's a common occurrence as the weather gets warmer. Infant rabbits are bound to show up now and again. Here's some good advice on what to do when you do find that little furball.

Just don't get attached to it and don't let your dog get attached to it either.


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Baby Bunny to Yellow Lab - 'Are YOU My Mother?'