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Year-Round Deer Culling Now Legal in One Ohio Town

If you've dreamed of a year-round deer hunting season, you should move to this town.

The small city of Avon Lake, Ohio, located in the northern tier of the state near Lake Erie, recently approved legislation making it legal to hunt deer 365 days a year to help with population control, according to the Chronicle-Telegram.

The legislation makes it legal for the city and private residents to use archery equipment to help control the high deer population in the region. However, it is not just a free for all. Several different requirements must be met in order to legally hunt under the legislation. These include applying for a municipal deer control permit and holding a valid Ohio hunting license.

The application requires potential hunters to submit maps of where hunting will occur, the acreage of the property, signatures of all the hunters who will be using the property, and the names and ages of all shooters taking place in the hunt to police. The police chief, or a person designated by the chief, will then visit the property to make sure that it is safe for archery equipment to be fired.

Several amendments to the legislation were introduced by City Council member Dave Kos at the hearing to determine if the law would go into effect. One that passed via vote says that hunters must notify the neighboring property owners of their intention to hunt.

His other suggested amendment of making shooting within 100 yards of a school illegal, did not pass.

"I'm grateful I got the notification passed because I believe every resident wants to be notified if there is hunting next door," Kos told the Chronicle-Telegram. "But how anyone could approve of hunting within 100 yards of a school is beyond me."

As can be expected, the new legislation had some residents in support of the program and some who were against it.

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"I feel this misguided program will end with much trouble and expense for Avon Lake," said resident Margaret Artin in the article.

The city decided to pursue this legislation after consulting with various environmental organizations including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

"It's a big improvement over what we had and I'm pleased with that," Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka said.

Do you agree with this legislation? Do you think year-round culling can be an effective way to control the deer population? Get the discussion started in the comments section below!

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Year-Round Deer Culling Now Legal in One Ohio Town