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Yeah, This is Probably the First Time Anybody Ever Caught 2 Pike on a Cast

Having one pike grab another while you are reeling it in isn’t all that common, but this catch and release is still cringeworthy.

Catching a 10-pounder that’s probably closing in on being a three-footer is a great way to spend your afternoon on a beautiful lake with friends.

Watching it go into the landing net with a mouthful of what really hit your lure is amazing! This isn’t the first time a big pike tried to gobble our catch and make a meal out of it, but the way it got brought to the net is what really opened our eyes.

Caution: A bit of swearing in the video

Okay, first of all thanks to this group of fishing friends for sharing their great day out on the water. It’s not every day that you get to see a big pike hold on to the little one that hit your lure and end up all the way into the net.

While I know that everyone is groaning about the way he held his spinning rig, and it is really annoying, if you bought it, you hold it any way you want. What I don’t care for is holding a big fish like that up by its full body weight. Boga grips are a great tool, but imagine J.J.Watt of the Houston Texans walking up and sticking four fingers into your lower jaw and lifting you up off your feet.

All’s well that ends well and watching that big fish swim away afterwards was the end of a strange but successful trip.



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Yeah, This is Probably the First Time Anybody Ever Caught 2 Pike on a Cast