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Yeah, You Need to See These Crazy Gamefish Attacks [VIDEO]

When gamefish attacks happen like these, you better have your fishing rod in your hands and a rope tied around your waist.

Here’s a great look at all the times when everything (for the most part) went right and the fish we were trying to bag cooperated.

The only thing different here is the fact that these fish want to bite the end of your rod off.

And anything else they can get their teeth into.

Between the pike that came out of the water in a heinous attempt to eat, and the ungodly feeding frenzy, do you even want to cast your line in those waters?

Well, get the credit card out and dial up Bass Pro Shops because every single one of us greedy little buggers is in with both feet.

I just hope both feet are still there when we get done with those crazy fish.

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Yeah, You Need to See These Crazy Gamefish Attacks [VIDEO]