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Yeah, They Catch Some Big Rattlesnakes in Oklahoma

Western diamondback rattlesnakes starting to emerge from their winter dens in Oklahoma are active, hungry, and humongous!

Veteran snake hunter Dan Lambert and friends have been capturing rattlesnakes for many years in southwest Oklahoma to take to the annual Apache Rattlesnake Festival in Apache, OK.

This year, with the onset of warming temperatures and longer days, is causing the animals to crawl from their community dens in great numbers and size. In the video can be seen some of the 20 snakes caught in just three hours and they are big!

Lambert said, "We caught about 20 in 3 hours. They're starting to move from the dens. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to watch your step." While these reptiles average 3 to over 4 feet in length some of them look to be even bigger.

While the angle of the photos may be a bit deceiving, it's certainly difficult to get a snake that size to hold still for a decent measurement, but just look at the head on this one:


Obviously these men are veterans at snake handling and rattlesnakes of any size should be given a wide berth. Always be careful around brush or debris piles, and never put your hands into area where you cannot see them.

It may seem like obvious advice, but snakes, even big snakes can and will hide in places you would not expect.


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Yeah, They Catch Some Big Rattlesnakes in Oklahoma