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California Startup Creates Gun Technology That Could Save Cops’ Lives


The new tech could help law enforcement agencies help officers who are in danger and unable to call in for assistance. 

Yardarm Technologies, based in Silicon Valley, has created a gun monitoring system that can track real-time event data from a police officer’s gun.

The system allows dispatchers to monitor when an officer’s gun is fired, what direction it was fired in, and where it was fired. Dispatchers retrieve that info via a small Bluetooth device that fits inside the handle of the officer’s gun.

“The officer simply inserts it into the back of the firearm, and now it’s installed. They don’t even know it’s there anymore,” Schaff said.

According to the Associated Press, Yardarm’s system originally included a gun disabling feature that allowed dispatchers to remotely shut down officers’ firearms. The company demonstrated that feature at a convention in Las Vegas last year but later abandoned the project without an explanation.

Yardarm is currently paying for two police agencies to test the system, including the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department. The company plans to release the technology next year and start charging departments to use it. No word yet on the price.

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California Startup Creates Gun Technology That Could Save Cops’ Lives