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Yankee Marshal’s ‘Mostest Best’ Conceal Carry Gun!

What’s better than the best conceal carry gun?

That’s easy: the “mostest” best conceal carry gun.

Anyone who watches the Yankee Marshal YouTube channel probably knows what his current all-time favorite conceal carry gun is. But first let’s take a look at what YM considers his “best” carry handgun, the Beretta 92 Compact Inox.

It’s a beautiful semi-auto, no doubt about that. Yankee Marshal also had the gun modified to suit his needs even better. He says that it’s the only semi-auto that he can shoot as well as a revolver, which, if you know what a pro-revolver guy he is, is saying something. “To me,” he proudly declares, “this is the best semi-auto that I own.”

After going through a short laundry list of modifications that make the Beretta 92 Compact the best conceal carry gun, Yankee Marshal reveals the mostest best conceal carry gun.

And so we have the handgun that Yankee Marshal claims gives him “every advantage” in a conceal carry gun, the Chiappa Rhino 200DS revolver.

The main reasons the Chiappa has replaced the Beretta as YM’s favorite carry gun start with his weight loss and now trimmer physique. He indicates that the semi-auto’s profile is a little harder and more uncomfortable against his body, while a revolver profile is a bit friendlier to the body’s natural curves.

He also likes the Chiappa for it’s larger, .357 caliber over the Beretta 9mm. “I think it’s the best self-defense round you can carry,” he says of the .357. “It has proven itself to be one of the best rounds overall.”

He explains the preferred ballistics of the .357 over the 9mm and makes a good case for it’s effectiveness as a knock-down round.

Finally, confidence is an important factor in using any weapon most effectively, and Yankee Marshal declares that the more reliable mechanics of a revolver increase his confidence in the gun. Confidence breeds  psychological comfort. “Since I’m more comfortable with it,’ he says, “I’m more competent with it.”

He elaborates: “In my opinion, there’s three things you need from your carry gun. That’s for it to be capable [reliable], for it to be comforting [your confidence level], and for it to be comfortable [wearability throughout the day]. And this gun [the Chiappa Rhino] is all three of those.”

He also addresses the issue of less rounds in the Chiappa vs. the Beretta simply by carrying a couple extra speedloaders for the wheelgun.

YM still loves his modified Beretta 92 Compact. “On top of being probably the most beautiful gun I own, period, this is still one of the best carry guns…probably the best carry gun I have ever owned,” he says. “But now that I’m a little bit thinner, and hopefully a little bit healthier, the two-inch Chiappa Rhino is just a better carry gun for me.”

“So if the Beretta is the best carry gun ever,” he concludes, “I guess that makes the Chiappa Rhino the mostest, best carry gun ever…at least for me.”

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Yankee Marshal’s ‘Mostest Best’ Conceal Carry Gun!