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Yankee Marshal Goes Off on Hillary Clinton’s Second Amendment Comments

Hillary Clinton

The Yankee Marshal calls Hillary Clinton on the carpet for her bogus comments concerning the SCOTUS Heller decision. Give it to her, Yankee Marshal!

Yankee Marshal was watching the last Trump/Clinton debate, and he noticed something Hillary Clinton said that rankled him.

She said she disagreed with the SCOTUS decision in the Heller case because she was concerned about toddlers shooting themselves. She claimed that she was concerned about child safety as it related to the Heller decision.

That’s bogus. The Heller decision had absolutely nothing to do with children getting their hands on guns. In fact, I don’t think that children, toddlers or kids were even mentioned in relation to the Heller decision.

But first, Yankee Marshal bashed Clinton for her dishonest claim that she respects the Second Amendment.

Clearly, she does not respect the Second Amendment, as she disagrees with Heller, has made it quite clear that the NRA is her enemy (and by extension all NRA members), and she approves of the Australian gun ban.

But his main point of contention has to do with her claim that Heller was about the safety of children.

“For her to stand up and say, ‘Heller was about protecting children’, that’s such garbage!” he rightly declares.

“Heller was about you having an individual right to bear arms,” he continues, “and the state not having a right to take that away from you without due process.”

But Clinton, he said, “had no other way to defend her heinous position that people like you and me should not have the right to bear arms, so she lied. Big surprise, Hillary Clinton lied.”

He goes on to discuss her dishonest gun death statistics and her exclusion of suicides and gang-on-gang violence. He’s pissed, and he has a right to be. Clinton was allowed to get away with her bogus statement and wasn’t challenged on it.

Well, I say that the best way to call Clinton on the carpet for her lies is to make it very clear where you stand on the Second Amendment next Tuesday in the voting booth.

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Yankee Marshal Goes Off on Hillary Clinton’s Second Amendment Comments