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XRAIL System Gives You 22 Reasons to Shoot Quickly

We all know shooting shotguns is fun. But it gets even more fun when you got 23 rounds loaded and ready to go.

The XRAIL system allows you to bolt on the extended magazine tube feeder to most popular shot gun systems. The XRAIL is popular amongst shotgun enthusiasts who know that the Achilles heel of the shotgun is the limited round capacity.

Maximizing your shotgun to deliver 20+ rounds of shot shells does come at a premium. The XRAIL system clocks in around the $700 price point, but it delivers so much round capacity that shooters are willing to overlook that pesky price tag. The XRAIL system is compatible with Benelli Shotguns.

The system is also compatible with multiple shotgun styles, and the full list is available on the XRAIL website. Make sure to check that you have a compatible gun before ordering. Also check applicable laws in your state to ensure that you don't accidentally turn your shotgun into an "assault weapon."

When the system is fully loaded, it can become very front heavy. The weight depends on what type of shot shells are used. The tubes are designed to hold 2.75-inch shells so be sure that your shotgun can accept this type of tube length. The system is a simple bolt on upgrade to some shotguns. Gunsmithing is not required. If you can follow the simple instructions, you're good to go.

The Xrail system looks totally fun and has many applications. Competition shooters, Law Enforcement Professionals, and even home defense preppers can benefit from added cartridge count. Start looking at bulk shotgun shells. With the XRAIL system, you're definitely going to need the price break.

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XRAIL System Gives You 22 Reasons to Shoot Quickly